Aadi Productions was formed in 2008 to develop, produce and market original, innovative and socially conscious Nepali films in Nepal, and internationally. We strive to move away from the Bollywood-dominated and influenced formula films to give a fresh perspective and voice to homegrown Nepali cinema. We work in close collaboration with innovative, well-known filmmakers, crew and production companies worldwide. Aadi’s 2012 feature debut Highway was premiered at 62nd Berlin International Film Festival. It was also the first Nepali film ever to premiere at a major global film festival. We are currently working on our 2nd feature film, White Sun, which has been awarded the Hubert Bals Fund for project development and is selected for L’Atelier, Festival De Cannes 014.


HIGHWAY: Reecha Sharma as Kavita (lef) and Vidhi Chhetri as Kabya



Feature, 2012


directed by Deepak Rauniyar 


international sales THE FILMS SALES COMPANY 

available online to watch at HULU, iTUNES & HIGHWAYFILM.COM 


Official Selection 2012 Berlinale International Film Festival – Panorama 

Official Selection 2012 Montreal World Film Festival 

Official Selection 2012 Mill Valley Film Festival 

Official Selection 2013 MoMA ContemporAsian Series 

Official Selection 2013 Cleveland Film Festival 

Official Selection 2013 DC Film Fest 

Official Selection 2012 Osian’s Cinefan Festival of Indian, Asian & Arab Cinema   



Set against the backdrop of the new culture of bandhs (general strikes) that frequently immobilize post-conflict Nepal, HIGHWAY explores four different stories that become intertwined during an ill fated bus journey from Eastern Nepal to the capital Kathmandu. While the passengers – each of whom urgently needs to be somewhere else – work out a resolution to the combustible strike that is blocking the only passable road, the film explores the emotional and spiritual bandhs that many Nepalis are contending with.



Poster Threshold

Chaukaith (Threshold)

Short, 2008


directed by Deepak Rauniyar 


international distributor SHORTS INTERNATIONAL    

Special Jury Prize 2008 Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 

Special Jury Prize 2009 Ahmedabad International Film Festival Official Selection 2009 Phuket Film Festival 

Official Selection 2012 Tampere Film Festival 

Short Film Corner, Festival De Cannes 2009   



“Chaukaith (Threshold)” is about an encounter between two young women. A Madhesi housewife, Sarswati Gupta, has forgotten her own real name and doesn’t count herself as a family member. A working woman, Trishna Thapa, is a divorced single mother. As a census officer Trishna goes to the Tarai (low-land). Sarswati’s household is the last one she needs to document at the end of a long day. And this is where the film begins. All the acting is improvised, with no scripted dialogue. “Chaukaith” portraits contemporary features of Nepalese society and it also raises questions about barriers among different people and societies, but in a more intimate and domestic context – in which a woman searches for her identity, a life outside her own threshold.

White Sun

White Sun

Feature, 2015

directed by Deepak Rauniyar



Louverture Films [US]

Waterland Film [NL]


Festivals & Awards,

L’Atelier, Cannes Film Festival 014

Hubert Bals Fund Project Development grant

Boost! Cinemart / Rotterdam Lab



Pooja, a little girl, lives with her mother Durga and beloved grandfather in a remote village in the eastern hills of Nepal. Her father Agni, whom she has never met, joined the Maoist guerrillas and left their village to fight against the regime years ago. The death of Pooja’s grandfather brings Agni back to the village for the burial rites. Thrilled at the prospect of her father’s return, Pooja watches dismayed as he arrives with a disabling war wound, struggles to cope with her mother’s independence, and fights with the family’s closest friend through the hard years – the village doctor Suraj, who was on the government side during the war. Alienating everyone around him,Agni cannot find enough men to carry his father’s body to the river for the cremation. Agni’s father lies on bamboo platform in the hot sun waiting for the funeral rites. As he looks for help among police, rebel guerillas and neighboring villages, a portrait of post-conflict Nepal emerges.